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Weight Belts -For any and every workout

September 11, 2014

 Why a Box Stalker weight belt? You may have been in the gym and noticed, when your coach begins to go over the strength portion of the programming, everyone scatters to grab their weight belt or to borrow one. This is not unusual, it’s actually becoming more common since most CrossFit Games athletes depend on a weight belt at some point in their workouts or weight lifting.   The Box Stalker weight belt is built for the everyday athlete. With its strong velcro closure and comfortable fit the weight belt is a go-to for any style workout. The lightness also plays a huge role. With bench mark workouts like “DIANE” 21-15-9 Dead lifts and HSPU, time is of the essence... Continue Reading →

Competition: When is enough, enough?

September 10, 2014

Whether you know it or not you have competed every single day for your entire life. Competitiveness comes very naturally for some of us, too natural at times. If you had siblings growing up you probably learned this at a young age. Who gets the first shower or the bigger pancake on Saturday morning. Vying for attention from your relatives and trying to make your presence known. People think of competing and they automatically think opposing teams, one versus one, and who is better than who. Competition is everywhere, we might as well except it and figure out how it can help make us better. Matt Moody setting up for a workout Competition vs. Comparison There is a very thin... Continue Reading →